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QAtomizer not recognized

A The MOD keeps asking "New coil (+)" or "Old coil (-)". It can't detect the atomizer due to the s hort circuit of your tank or your MOD.

QCoil burnt issue


If your coil burnt out within a short time of using, follows might be the causes to the issue:

You didn't prime the coil before vaping.

The E-liquid you fill in is not enough.

Improper vaping settings of power.

You vape too frequently.

QSuggestions & Solutions


Please prime the coil with low wattage for the first several puffs.

Please fill the E-liquid over the minimum line of UFORCE.

While vaping, please make sure the power of the MOD is within the power range that the coil can support.

Please stands for 5 minutes to get the organic cotton completely saturated before vaping.

QError on reading resistance

A Sometimes your MOD might not read the resistance correctly. The resistance may display a little high or low on the screen. This issue may be caused by the following factors:The resistance detection component might be broken. The 510 connector might be loose. The tank doesn't work fine.

QSuggestions & Solutions


Please use another tank to work with the MOD and make sure the tank is working fine.

Please make sure the 510 connector are tight.

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