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2017 Shanghai International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

The 2018 International Electronic Cigarette Industry Summit Forum was hosted by the Electronic Commerce Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce and co-organized by Shenzhen ZUN YI PIN Technology Co., Ltd., and was held on December 26, 2018 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Qianhai Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen.

Based on the "international" orientation, the summit forum introduced the e-cigarette regulatory policies and market conditions in Indonesia and South Korea, and conducted in-depth interpretation and sharing from trade barriers, product quality, legal risks in the US, and patent competition.

The event brought together nearly 600 people including government guests, foreign e-cigarette industry guests, scholars and experts, e-cigarette manufacturers, industry media, and upstream and downstream enterprises. Wang Ning, president of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, Lin Hanzhong, vice president of the industry committee, and other leading experts and business leaders have expressed their opinions on e-cigarette products.

At the beginning of the conference, Wang Ning, president of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, delivered an opening speech. The Secretary-General made a 2018 work summary and a 2019 work plan report.

Subsequently, the president of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, Wang Ning, awarded the new vice president in 2018. Mr. Yang Miaowen, the general manager of Shenzhen ZUN YI PIN Technology Co., Ltd., is the vice president.

The person in charge of the ZUN YI PIN said: It is a great honor for the ZUN YI PIN to be re-elected as the deputy director unit. We sincerely thank the peers for their recognition. ZUN YI PIN will continue to work hard and innovate in order to present the ultimate product experience for e-cigarette users worldwide.


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